Civil Protection Services

Civil Protection Services contracted by Sicily Region

The services were operated from 2005 to 2009. The helicopter was based in Palermo, Boccadifalco Airport LICP.

The type of missions were diversified as follows:
Missions connected to the onset of calamitous events:

  • First recognitions following to seismic and/or volcanic calamitous events.
  • First recognitions following situations of dangerousness originated from particularly adverse meteorological conditions (floods, overflowing, landslips, sea storm, fire, etc.).
  • Transfer of medical personnel and sanitary equipment of first intervention in the stricken zones.
  • Transfer of supplies, drugs, plasma and products of first necessity in zones isolated by the calamitous events.

Rescue missions:
  • Search and coordination of aids to people lost in wooded, mountainous and marine areas, as well as in situations of danger because of alluvial phenomena, landslides, sea storms, eruptions, fires, etc.
  • Evacuation of people involved in calamitous events and/or in situations of serious pollution of chemistry-industrial origin.
  • Evacuation of people in difficulty and/or in danger in the minor islands.

Support missions:
  • To the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) and to the Institutional Committee of Coordination of the System of Seismic and Volcanic Surveillance in Sicily;
  • to the Regional Mobile Columns of the Voluntary Service, with the coordination of the Regional Department of the Civil Protection.