TEA examination center

Test of English for Aviation

Constantly up to date with the new national and international rules, Alidaunia is also Centre for TEA Examinations (Test of English for Aviation) for all the pilots and aeronautical operators who have to demonstrate their English language proficiency in the English language in the aeronautical environment.

From March the 5th 2008, following the application of the ICAO provisions, the pilots of aircraft and helicopter, air traffic controllers and operators of aeronautical stations have to demonstrate their ability to speak and understand the language used in the aeronautical communications through a specific test formulated according to the requirements prescribed by the ICAO and in compliace with the new EASA regulations (Part-FCL).

The Test

It is an oral test which lasts about 20 minutes, during which 6 areas are evaluated: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, interaction. For every area a level is assigned according to a six levels scale.

Level 4 is the minimum level to operate international activity and IFR flights and is the minimum level of competence required for those who from 5th March 2008 on, have been achieving the pilot license with English radiotelephony.

Once granted, the TEA Certificate is released, and exhibited to the territorial Enac office for the registration on the license

TEA now has a new improved version - go to TEA-TEST for samples of the new Part 2 task...
Challenge yourself to do well with the new recordings and the Task Card!
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The examiners

Alidaunia’s examiners and administrator of the Centre have been certified by ENAC by attending a training course run by highly qualified experts of the Mayflower College of Plymouth (UK).

Exam bookings and contacts

The test price is € 145,00.
You can book exams or ask for information by sending an email to centro.tea@alidaunia.it