Flight Operations

H.E.M.S. (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service)

Part of Alidaunia’s fleet is dedicated to HEMS contracts. The helicopters are suitably equipped and staffed by trained personnel. The benefits of helicopters employment for medical emergencies are well-known all over the world: helicopters deliver medical help very swiftly where it is needed, then provide fast transport to the nearest hospital saving hundreds of lives every year. In the following are listed few relevant HEMS contracts in the last few years.

HEMS Tremiti Islands

Since 1st march 1986, the service is contracted by Puglia Region, in favour of the residents of Tremiti Islands. The service is operated 24/7 and constitutes an integration of the passengers daily airline service. In this way the population of the islands can benefit of a complete and constant assistance.

Gargano Air Ambulance contract

From 1995 to 2008 with the Local Health Service of San Severo (ASL FG/1) to provide Air Ambulance over the promontory of Gargano and based in the town of Vieste.

Daunia Air Ambulance contract

From 2000 to 2002, thanks to the success of previous activity, Alidaunia operated HEMS under contract with Local Health Service of Lucera Health Agency (ASL-FG/3) as an extension of the Gargano Air Ambulance contract. This service was named “Daunia Elisoccorso” and covered a mountainous territory scattered with remote farming communities and whose roads are narrow and winding.

Foggia HEMS contract

From 2008 the service on behalf of the ASL FG has been extended over the entire territory of the provinces of Foggia and the operative base was moved to Foggia. Moreover, the type of operations changed as the operating capability has been extended to primary missions with the use of hoist and medical crew (anaesthetist doctor and nurse).

HEMS contract - Campania Region

From August 2000 Alidaunia has been operating HEMS under contract with Campania Region. From August 2000 to October 2001 the service was performed during night hours mostly in favour of the populations of the islands of the Naples Gulf (Capri, Ischia, Procida). Then the service was extended to the entire regional territory. Since October 2001 the night service has been extended to the daytime service, operating from Naples base, 24/7. From February 2002, the service is being operated during daily hours and the operative base has been moved to Salerno Airport LIRI.

HEMS contract - Basilicata Region

In 2009, Alidaunia has been awarded the HEMS contract for the Management of both HEMS bases (Potenza and Matera) and helipads network dedicated to helicopter emergency medical service. The management is executed through a continuous monitoring program that ensures perfect efficiency and practicability in terms of safety through monitoring and ongoing maintenance of structures, facilities, systems and installations as well as technical and operational equipment. In addition to the management of the bases of Potenza and Matera, Alidaunia also provides the heliport firefighting service.

HEMS key advantages

The first important advantage of the sanitary helicopter, with respect to the ground means of transport, is the swiftness of intervention of the sanitary staff. It is demonstrated that reducing the rescue time with a first aid and emergency action, reduces mortality by the 25% and the high costs of hospitalization in intensive care units. Many frequent diseases require the immediate transfer of the patient for timely surgery dropping up to 40% mortality in some chest-abdominal pathologies and vascular (abdominal aortic rupture and stroke). It also reduces by 30-40% disabling outcomes and hospital length of stay. Choosing the most appropriate medical structure is another important advantage of the helicopter rescue because it is possible to transport the patient to the most appropriate hospital for the pathology observed, rather than taking him/her to the nearest one as it normally occurs with the ambulance.

Medevac Helicopters

Alidaunia HEMS helicopters are equipped with quick installation medical kits including a complete set of electro-medical equipment suitable for both primary and secondary intervention. They are also provided with special equipment such as emergency floats, external loudspeakers, cargo hook and rescue hoist.

Agusta Westland AW139

AW139 is a versatile helicopter with 15 pax maximum capacity and a quick installation medical kit capable to convert in a few minutes the helicopter to HEMS configuration: 3 stretchers and 10 standard seats. With its 4 hours autonomy has the versatility of a helicopter and the endurance of an airplane, making it particularly suitable for use in HEMS and civil protection. Being capable of about 1.000 km journeys, can provide the operational coverage of the whole national territory without the need for intermediate stops.

Agusta Westland AW109SP

The AW109SP GrandNew represents the new generation of helicopters AW109 born from the "tried and tested platform" of Agusta A109S "Grand". The helicopter is fitted with a new glass-digital cockpit and fuselage in composite material. The FlightLogicTM Chelton Synthetic Vision EFIS and a new digital duplex autopilot on 4 axes provide pilots with an accurate situational awareness and the ability to manage each mission with a high degree of safety. The AW109SP, is also equipped with numerous optional kits to the advantage of the considerable operational flexibility (possibility to reconfigure the helicopter in a short time).

Agusta A109 S Grand

The Grand offers a long and spacious passenger cabin that provides high levels of comfort in different approved configurations. In the HEMS version, the Grand offers excellent accessibility with two large sliding doors 1.40 m wide, allowing an easy and fast loading and unloading of stretchers and make winch operations easier. The sanitary compartment is completely separate from the cockpit so that medical staff can easily access the longitudinal stretchers without invading the cockpit.

Agusta A109 E Power

The A109E Power HEMS configured allows the finest patient care environment. Its spacious patient/medical staff cabin is completely separate from the cockpit, allowing 2 or 3 medical staff full access to the longitudinally placed litter without disruption to the cockpit. The internal layout includes provision for the installation of all necessary medical equipment to treat patients whilst in transit. Two standard rails are positioned both in the cabin rear bulkhead and on upper side panels that include outlets for oxygen, emergency air and power. The helicopter is equipped with hoist, emergency floatation gear, sun light, cargo hook.

Agusta A109 AII

Agusta A 109 AII helicopters can be equipped with an air ambulance kit allowing the transportation of patients from airport/heliport to airport/heliport (secondary flights).