Training Organization

Approved Training Organization (A.T.O. IT-068) - Advanced Flight Training

On 20th March 2003 Alidaunia was certified as TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization) focusing on professional pilots in order to provide the following training and exams according to the European JAR FCL requirements:

  • Proficiency check, line check, IFR check;
  • TR Theoretical Training
  • A109 A/AII/C – A109 E/S/SP – AW139 - AW169 Type Ratings
  • Refresher Training;
  • TR Revalidation;
  • TR Renewal;
  • Availability of TREs for the issue of Type Ratings

Moreover, complying with the JAR FCL 2, DM 467 T, 566 and the following amendments and integrations, Alidaunia is also authorized to release the national Mountain Aerial Work and Offshore ratings. Besides the Head of Training, the Organizational Chart includes qualified:

  • TRI (Type Rating Instructor) / SFI (Synthetic Flight Instructor)
  • TRE (Type Rating Examiner) / SFE (Synthetic Flight Examiner)

On 20th April 2014, following the adoption of the EU Reg. 1178/2011, the TRTO became an ATO – Approved Training Organization, with the introduction of a Safety Management System aimed at determining and evaluating the risks connected to the flight operations and finding the solutions to reduce such risks.

Initial Flight Training

On 16th December 2004, Alidaunia was certified by Enac as FTO (Flight Training Organization) to issue the following courses:

  • P.P.L. (H) – Private Pilot License (Helicopter)
  • C.P.L. (H) – Commercial Pilot License (Helicopter) (both modular and integrated)
  • A.T.P.L. (H) - Airline Transport Pilot License (Helicopter) (both modular and integrated)
  • M.C.C. - Multi Crew Coordination
  • F.I. - Flight Instructor
  • I.R. - Instrumental Rating (modular)
  • T.R.I. - Type Rating Instructor
  • Type Rating Robinson R22/44
  • Type Rating Agusta A109

The aircraft types used are for the training are
  • Robinson R22;
  • AgustaWestland A109 AII.

The ATO organizer and planner coordinates the flight activity, time and modalities of theoretical and practical training, while the Head of Training oversees the whole training process. The Organization is made of qualified:
  • No. 12 Ground Instructors (G.I.)
  • No. 4 Flight Instructors (F.I.)

The certification as training organization for helicopter pilots is only the first step towards other company goals including the approval as training organization for the fixed wing aircraft.