Design Organisation Approval - DOA

With EASA approval No EASA D (2005) CDO/AP018/6198, Alidaunia has been recognized capable to carry out design activity according to the alternative procedures to Part 21 Design Organisation Approval (Ref. Commission Regulation – EU No 748/2012 of 03/08/2012) Within this framework the Company has developed minor /major modifications (STC) in the following areas:

  • Area n° 1 – installation of avionic equipment (VHF, ADF, TXR) on both helicopters and airplane;
  • Area n° 2 – modification of the interiors, regarding the installations of materials for the improvement of the soundproofing and the aesthetics, both helicopters and airplane;
  • Area n° 3 – installations of equipment, electro medicals and of the related supports, for both helicopters and airplane;
  • Area n° 4 – amendment to the procedures contained in the Rotorcraft Flight Manuals, according to new instructions implemented by the company and introduced by a specific supplement to the Rotorcraft Flight Manual;
  • Area n° 5 - installation of a new communication system, data/voice, (satellite/GPS), integrated by a “tracking” function, useful for the aircraft geo positioning system;
  • Area n° 6 - installation of an adjustable landing light along with stand-by static pressure port on Agusta A109AII;
  • Area n° 7 - installation of “pod” usable for the housing of cameras, multi-sensor platforms and remote sensing systems.

The above listed areas of work are only the basis for future developments of more relevant type of modifications according to both market requirements and growth of Company’s capabilities.