With respect to the dictated actions with the various President of the Council of Ministers Decrees that have followed since March 8th 2020 regarding restrictions due to the emergency COVID-19, Alidaunia advises passengers to check italian government websites for detailed information on mobility limitations throughout the national area.

In particular, in addition to the website of the Italian Ministry of Health (coronavirus section), it is suggested to consult the Puglia Region website (coronavirus section), in which are provided the main information and contact details in the event of self reporting and / or the appearance of symptoms attributable to COVID-19.

Considering the provisions implemented by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers regarding containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and in accordance with the DPCM of 22-03-2020, passengers are informed that during check-in procedure it is necessary to fill-in and hand over to Alidaunia personnel a signed copy of Autodichiarazione form downloadable from the “Ministero dell’Interno” web site.

In implementation of the new measures to contain the contagion from SARS-CoV-2 starting from 4 May 2020, the start-up date of Phase 2, and in consideration of the "Guidelines for containment of the diffusion of the COVID-19 "of the Ministry of Infrastructures and of the transports each passenger on board the Alidaunia helicopters must necessarily wear a face mask and respect physical distancing (minimum of 1 meter) during check-in procedures and during flight respecting the alternate seatings methodology.


Scheduled and charter flights

Daily helicopter line service: Foggia - Tremiti Islands.

Since 1985, with ministerial assent and in collaboration with the Assessorato ai Trasporti of the Regione Puglia, guarantees daily connection between Foggia and the Tremiti Islands, a service of remarkable social utility.

Mondays and Fridays stopover in Vieste, during summer even Saturdays and Sundays.

Flexible, fast Helicopter Charter Vip Service for your business needs; Air Ambulance for the health of your loved ones.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

Alidaunia is entitled to the civil protection services, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and air ambulance on behalf of Public Administration in several Italian regions.

Part of Alidaunia’s fleet is dedicated to air ambulance services. Our helicopters are suitably equipped and staffed by trained personnel. The benefits of helicopters employment for medical emergencies are well-known all over the world: we deliver medical help very swiftly, provide fast transport to the nearest hospital and save hundreds of lives every year.

Aircraft Maintenance

Since 2002 Agusta Service Center for the maintenance of AgustaWestland helicopters.

Since 2011 Authorized Service Center for the maintenance of Robinson helicopters. Since 2012 Authorized Service Center Tronair.

Since 2014 Reseller and Authorized Service Center Laversab.

Approved Training Organization

In addition to pilot license and training courses, Alidaunia Training offers courses for:
  • knowledge of aviation standards JAR FCL/OPS
  • helicopter approach
  • firefighting training for airports/heliports/helipads
  • refuelling operators
  • training for medical crew
  • rescue hoist training
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) (in collaboration with S.I.E.M.)
Alidaunia is:

Centre for TEA Exams

Heliports Design Construction & Management

Heliports designed and so far completed by Alidaunia guarantee continuous service during day and night.

They are furnished with all necessary safety equipments such as antitheft devices, firefighting and check-in for passengers and baggage, as well as other services like handling of aircrafts and passengers and refuelling.

All sites are remote controlled and managed from a 24/7 Operational Centre, located at our main base in Foggia, assuring continuous monitoring of the network, facilities and services to guarantee uninterrupted availability of the system.

Alidaunia produces a totem providing all heliport's management functions.

Design Organisation

With E.A.S.A. letter of May 13th 2005, ref. n° EASA D (2005) CDO/AP018/6198, Alidaunia has been found compliant to carry out design activity according to the alternative procedures to Design Organisation Approval.

Alidaunia has developed minor and major modifications (S.T.C.) in the following areas:
  • installation of special mission equipments
  • installation of communication and data link systems
  • installation of static pressure systems
  • variations to the Rotorcraft Flight Manuals procedures

Apulian Heliport Network

Apulian Heliport Network has been built and now is managed by Alidaunia within the framework of a specific contract awarded by Aeroporti di Puglia. Such network responds to the demand for a system of helicopter landing points, operating 24/7, strategically distributed on the regional territory and, above all, managed jointly in order to integrate with the airports. It still constitutes the only example in Italy of integrated management of a regional airport/ heliport system. more...

Press Releases


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